Lehla Eldridge is a mother, a wife, a friend, a blogger, teacher and the author and illustrator of The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women and The South African Illustrated Cookbook. She has also illustrated Excuse Me I’m Trying to Read by Mary Jo Amani, which won the NAESP best picture book 2011 in America.

She has been writing and illustrating since she can remember. Her training was in Drama at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she went on to work as an actress for 10 years. She was also awarded a scholarship by Twentieth Century Fox in 1995 to go to South Africa to study theatre. She now lives in Italy with her husband, 3 kids many cats.

You can find her writing about unschooling at http://unschoolingthekids.com/

She is also currently working on a new book with her husband Anthony Eldridge Rogers called ‘Unschooling’ you can pre order it here.



Lehla in Kitchen

Lehla in Kitchen (taken from The South African Illustrated Cookbook)

She works with line and watercolour. She also hand draws line and then fills in colour digitally in photoshop. Depending on the style she thinks the work requires. She loves colour and also enjoys working in black and white. Please feel free to contact her through the contact form for illustration work or just to connect, she likes to meet people and is good at answering e mails.